Villa-Lobos: Piano Music

Released 1992 | Duo; Reissued 2005 | Meridian Records


Total CD Time: 74 minutes

[1] Prelude (Introdução) (6:52)
[2] Choral (Canto do Sertão) (4:33)
[3] Aria (Cantiga) (5:17)
[4] Dance (Miudinho) (3:05)
PROLE DO BEBÊ No.1 (Baby’s Family No.1)
[5] Branquinha (The porcelain doll) (2:22)
[6] Moreninha (The papier-maché doll) (1:26)
[7] Caboclinha (The pottery doll) (2:10)
[8] Mulatinha (The rubber doll) (1:52)
[9] Negrinha (The wooden doll) (1:11)
[10] Pobrezinha (The rag doll) (1:48)
[11] Polichinelo (Punch) (1:24)
[12] Bruxa (The witch doll) (2:46)
[13] CHOROS No5. “ALMA BRASILEIRA” (Brazilian soul) (4:36)
CICLO BRASILEIRO (Brazilian cycle)
[14] Plantio do caboclo (The peasant’s plantation) (4:17)
[15] Impressões seresteiras (Serenade impressions) (6:24)
[16] Festa no sertão (Feast in the backlands) (4:56)
[17] Dança do índio branco (Dance of the white indian) (4:03)
[18] A LENDA DO CABOCLO (Native’s legend) (3:20)


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There are a number of recordings of his irresistible piano music, but none played with more authentic dash and understanding than this, and with a more consistently attractive program of selections.

She begins with the fairly well-known Bachianas Brasileiras No.4 and gives ripely beautiful accounts of its four haunting movements. At Prole do Bebe No.1 arresting examples are Pobrezinha and Bruxa, but every piece is a delight, and Iruzun’s playing brings out the music’s vitality with immense conviction. The playing is at all times richly idiomatic and wonderfully colourful.”
Musical Opinion, UK

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