Piano Concertos by Albeniz & Mignone

Released 2017 | SOMM Recordings


Total CD Time: 68 minutes

MIGNONE: Piano Concerto

[1] I Allegro (10:27)
[2] II Andante (7:36)
[3] IlI Allegretto marziale (9:38)

ALBENIZ: Piano Concerto Op.78

[4] I Allegro ma non troppo (11’22)
[5] II Andante (7’20)
[6] III Allegro (6’38)

[7] ALBENIZ – Suite Espagnole –No.1 Granada (4’53)
[8] ALBENIZ – Suite Espagnole –No.5 Sevilla (4’23)
[9] MIGNONE – 1st Valsa de Esquina (3’14)
[10] MIGNONE – 5th Valsa de Esquina (2’30)


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About Mignone…”this cracking performance will tempt many others to take it up” …and Albeniz…” van Steen and Iruzun combine to give it its finest outing on disc since…the 1970s”   – Jeremy Nicholas, Gramophone

” Clélia Iruzun is clearly dedicated to this colourful and challenging work and delivers a considered and thoroughly virtuosic performance with van Steen in admirable support through this most challenging of orchestral accompaniments.”  – Ian Lace, Musicweb

“..attractive and infectious pieces played with great élan by Clélia Iruzun”  – Norman Stinchcombe, Birmingham Post 

“Iruzun is a superb exponent of this deliciously spiky and exuberant music… hers is a fine account and Jac van Steen provides  exemplary support with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra”  – Guy Rickards, Musical Opinion

“Iruzun is clearly someone who understands the intentions of the composer and therefore is ideal to give us what should become the reference recording of this great work”  – Ray Picot, ILAMS 

” The performances are first rate. As I have indicated, the Brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun…displays both the sensitivity and the easy bravura required.” – Phillip Scott, Fanfare


In the Mignone: “This is, in fact, a tremendous concerto, demanding of both soloist and orchestra. The rhythmic complexities involved here are superbly articulated by both soloist and orchestra in perfect accord, while Iruzun’s way with the charmingly simple, surely meant to raise a smile main theme is lovely. In the Albeniz:  Iruzun plays the lyrical second subject of the first movement with great emotion…and the effect is mesmerizing… ” – Colin Clarke, Fanfare


“..in fact it holds together (Mignone) very well as a unified work, managing to synthesize diverse influences into a dramatic, theatrical, and expressive whole. Brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun, who displays total mastery of Mignone’s idiom, clearly feels particularly close to this music.”  – Henry Fogel, Fanfare 


“This is a stunningly beautiful score, and it’s stunningly played by pianist Clélia Iruzun and the Royal Philharmonic under Jac van Steen.  I feel fairly confident in saying that the competition, such as it is (Albeniz), would have to go some way to match the sheer virtuosity, emotional warmth, and exquisite beauty of Iruzun’s playing.” – Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

“The demands for both pianist and orchestra are extreme (Mignone) and Clelia Iruzun comes to her vivid own, playing with a superb mastery and empathy. Again it is difficult to imagine it played (Albeniz) with greater skill and affection.” – Bryce Morrison, International Piano

“Francisco Mignone’s and Isaac Albeniz’s imaginative concertos are brought to great effect in these eloquent performances.” – Remy Franck, Pizzicato

“All are stylishly performed by this Brazilian pianist. Iruzun calls the Mignone “the best piano concerto written by a Brazilian composer” …I’d be inclined to agree with Iruzun.  Her technique is impressive. Fine notes and sound add to an important recording.” – Becker, American Record Guide  

“Clélia Iruzun certainly made the reference recording of this difficult work. An outstanding recording for all titles. ” – João Marcos Coelho, Revista Concerto

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