Federico Mompou: Selected Works Volume II

Released 2016 | SOMM Recordings


Total CD Time: 75 minutes

[1] Cancien y Danza No. 7 (3:15)
[2] Cancien y Danza No. 8 (2:57)
[3] Cancien y Danza No. 9 (4:06)
[4] Cancien y Danza No. 10 (3:08)
[5] Cancien y Danza No. 11 (3:58)
[6] Cancien y Danza No. 12 (2:58)
[7] Cancien y Danza No. 14 (4:11)

Scenes d’Enfants
[8] Cris dans la rue (1:26)
[9] Jeux sur la Plage No 1 (1:36)
[10] Jeu No. 2 (1:22)
[11] Jeu No. 3 (2:05)
[12] Jeunes filles au jardin (2:56)

Musica Callada
[13] I Angelico (1:47)
[14] II Lent (1:31)
[15] III Placide (2:03)

[16] IV Afflito e penoso (2:36)
[17] V (legato metalico) (2:32)
[18] VI Lento (2:03)
[19] VII Lento (2:57)
[20] VIII Semplice (0:45)
[21] IX Lento (2:36)
[22] Fantasia sobre ‘Au clair de la lune (3:00)
[23] Glossa sobre ‘Au clair de la lune’ (1:48)
[24] Tango (1919) (3:08)

Trois Variations
[25] Theme(0:22)
[26] Var.1-Les Soldats(0:36)
[27] Var.2-Courtoisie(1:00)
[28] Var.3-Nocturne(1:34)
[29] Chanson de Berceau(3:55)
[30] El pont de Montjuec(6:04)


Read the latest reviews about the CD

“My colleague Bryce Morrison rightly raved about her first release in a projected Mompou cycle, citing her ‘unfailing lucidity and affection’ and her ‘always apt and beautiful sonority’… Book 1 of Música callada is this recital’s centrepiece, and Iruzun’s sensitive interpretations take Mompou’s stark introspection at face value. For example, she resists milking No 3’s poco ritards as others do, and paints Nos 4 and 5 in an austere light. She unravels the two little gems based on ‘Au claire de la lune’, the exquisite Trois Variations and the elusive 1919 Tango straightforwardly and simply, yet with carefully calibrated nuance.”
Jed Distler, Gramophone Magazine, April 2016

“Iruzun plays this music with exceptional warmth and affection, overlaying innocence with experience. Iruzun has made her own special corner for this composer: finely recorded, her love and commitment are unmistakable.”
Bryce Morrison, International Piano Magazine, March 2016

“Book 1 of MusicaCallada holds centre stage here, though there is also abundant charm in, inter alia, the folk based Cançons i Danses, Scenes d’enfants and the microscopic Trois Variations. Iruzun plays all with an aptly gentle touch.”
Stephen Pettit, Sunday Times, Januay 2016

“At the heart of this recital is Book 1 of Mompou’s MúsicaCallada, written in 1959. Elegant and spare, the music’s restraint is captivating, “its mission to reach the most profound depths of our soul…” Less is more. Mompou charms, chills and beguiles by turns. Iruzun conveys the meaning behind the notes, her calm, unflashy playing exactly what’s required. Buy this.”
Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk, February 2016

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