Felix Mendelssohn

Released 1999 | Intim Musik


Total CD Time: 69 minutes

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G minor Op.25
[1] Molto Allegro con fuoco (7:11)
[2] Andante (6:24)
[3] Presto – Moltro Allegro e vivace – Tempo 1 (6:21)
[4] Variations Serieuses (11:53)

Concerto for Violin and Piano in D minor
[5] Allegro (18:29)
[6] Adagio (9:40)
[7] Allegro molto (9:30)


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“Ms Iruzun can handily hold her own with Serkin in the coruscating opening movement display; yet she brings out the lyrical beauty of the music very well and is also highly expressive in the central Andante. There’s a wealth of high spirits in the final Presto, yet a gratifying warmth and supple phrasing as well. Ms Iruzun seems to be enjoying herself immensely”. (First Piano Concerto)
American Record Guide, USA

“The Mendelssohn opens with a delightful performance of the popular G minor Concerto and an impressive account of the Variations Serieuses before the conductor Joachim Gustafsson takes up his violin to join Iruzun in the equally joyful performance of the rarely heard Piano and Violin Concerto.”
Musical Opinion, UK

“The Concerto in G minor Op.25-which opens the programme- the clarity is impeccable and the rhythm measure kept without any risks to the overall interpretation. The slow movement sounds particularly beautiful thanks to the well balanced use of nuances. The last movement is delivered in a scintillating and jubilant virtuoso style…  In the Variations Serieuses the playing of the closing section calls for one adjective “dazzling”.”
Tribuna da Imprensa, Brasil

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