The Waltz Album

Released 2002 | Intim Musik


Total CD Time: 75 minutes

[1] F. Chopin – Grande Valse Brillante Op 34 No 1 (5:36)
[2] H. Villa-Lobos – Valsa da dor (5:23)
[3] C.M. von Weber – L´Invitation à la Valse (8:48)
[4] F. Mignone – Valsa de Esquina No. 1 (3:14)
[5] L. Fernandez – Valsa Suburbana Op. 70 (5:13)
[6] E. Granados – Valses Poeticos (12:41)
[7] J. Brahms – Waltzer Op 39 No 15 (1:37)
[8] L. Godowsky – Alt-Wien (2:16)
[9] J. Strauss Jr / A Schulz-Elver – Arabesques on the Blue Danube Waltz (11:49)
[10] F. Chopin – Valse Op 69 No 1 (4:36)
[11] M. Levitzki – Valse de Concert (1:28)
[12] F. Liszt – Méphisto-Waltzer No 1 (12:30)


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“The past few years have seen an almost endless number of recorded piano recitals built around the dance. From the first track, Chopin’s Waltz, Op. 34:1, it was apparent that this one was going to be something special. Clélia Iruzun knows how to perform Chopin…There is a refined sensibility to everything she plays, enabling the listener to feel fully comfortable with her performances.  I will certainly be searching out her other recordings.”
American Record Guide, Jan-Feb, 2004, by Alan Becker

“Ah, what a musician! Throughout you are struck by her imagination always grounded in musicality; All those stretching rubatos, which she always keep on the right borders of sentiment and sentimentality. Chopin’s A flat major waltz, “Farewell”, is a brilliant pearl which has not shimmered more beautifully since Rubinstein died, and she breathes new, and rather unexpected, life in to old war horses like von Weber’s Invitation to the Waltz or Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz what more can You ask on such great journey of discovery.”
Dagens Industri (The largest finance paper in Sweden)

“There are enough persuasive items here not only the Mignone and Fernandez, but also the sunny Granados and the dashing account of the Weber to make this CD worth the attention of pianophiles.”
International Record Review, UK

“This is a generally imaginative programme by a thoroughly musical and capable pianist, well played and recorded, musicianly throughout. Most welcome here are the waltzes by Villa-Lobos, Mignone, Fernandez and Levistzky, most welcome because least familiar and like everything else, they’re excellently played.”
BBC Music Magazine

“Clélia Iruzun is a fine pianist with a few discs already behind her and a seemingly full schedule of recitals ahead of her and is not only technically assured and idiomatically colouful, but she also gets to the heart of these varied waltz styles. A highly enjoyable hour and a quarter listening.”
Music on the Web

“When recording a collection of piano music, it’s imperative in this day and age that you show you have something different to say, as Brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun demonstrates here. Overall her playing has a pleasing warm tone and a good transparency of texture, resulting in an emphasis on harmonic texture.”
The Pianist, UK

The outstanding Brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun gives scintillating performances of waltz music by Carl Maria von Weber, Chopin (Grande Valse Brillante, Valse Op. 69), Liszt (Mephisto-Waltzer No. 1), Brahms (Waltzer Op. 39), Johann Strauss Jr/Adolf Shultz-Evler (Arabesques on the Blue Danube Waltz), Mischa Levitsky, Leopold Godowsky, Enrique Granados, Francisco Mignone, Lorenzo Fernandez and Heitor Villa-Lobos. Clélia Iruzun’s playing is technically brilliant yet always natural and splendidly idiomatic.
New Classics, Website

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