Brazilian Mosaic

Released 2003 | Lorelt


Total CD Time: 70 minutes

[1] F. Mignone – Fantasia Brasileira n°3 (13:05)
[2][3] H. Villa-Lobos – Bachianas Brasileiras n° 9
[2] Prélude (2:36)
[3] Fugue (6:28)
[4][B. Netto – Minha Terra (1:55)
[5][6] E. Krieger – Sonatina
[5] Moderato (3:48)
[6] Allegro (2:16)
[7]-[9] H. Villa Lobos – As três Marias
[7] Alnitah (0:59)
[8] Alnitam (2:12)
[9] Mintika (1:18)
[10][11] R. Miranda – Concertino
[10] Allegro (10:54)
[11] Allegretto (5:54)
[12]-[14] M. Nobre – Concertante do Imaginário
[12] Desenho (4:59)
[13] Motivo (9:07)
[14] Retrato (4:57)


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“The sheer effervescence of Brazilian music, its larger-than-life thirst for never-ending vitality, is there for all to hear in its electric rhythms and panoramic colours…Clélia Iruzun, whose sheer joie-de-vivre is infectious!”
Musicweb, 2003

This album is filled with exhilarating compositions by Brazilian composers. Some are played solo by the distinguished Brazilian-born pianist Clélia Iruzun. She is particularly effective in Edino Krieger’s classic-influenced Sonatina, with its alternating brightness and serenity. The Cuban-born, American-raised Odaline of la Martinez and her ensemble Lontano are also in impeccable form on this delightful panorama of Brazilian music.”
New Classics, 2003

“Iruzun’s characterful playing matches the colour and mood of the pieces and her solo piano piece on the disc-Edino Krieger’s Sonatina- is beautifully played, showing fine technique and a genuine association with the music.”
The Pianist, June – July 2003

“At the heart of this recital is Book 1 of Mompou’s MúsicaCallada, written in 1959. Elegant and spare, the music’s restraint is captivating, “its mission to reach the most profound depths of our soul…” Less is more. Mompou charms, chills and beguiles by turns. Iruzun conveys the meaning behind the notes, her calm, unflashy playing exactly what’s required. Buy this.”
Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk, February 2016

“There are several short solo piano pieces on the disc, including Villa-Lobos´s Tres Marias, and this important new album enjoys excellent sound and explendid playing by both soloist and orchestra. It is strongly recommended. More please!”
Musical Opinion

“The release of this CD deserves an applause. The cuban maestro Odaline de la Martinez and her Lontano made, “cum laude”, a brazilian mosaic, to which praise contributed – greatly – the brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun”
Tribuna da Imprensa, Brasil

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