Lecuona: Ernesto and Ernestina

Released 2005 | Lorelt


Total CD Time: 71 minutes

[1]-[6] Suite Andalucia
[1] Córdoba (3:27)
[2] Andalucia (2:47)
[3] Alhambra (4:190)
[4] Gitanerias (1:56)
[5] Guadalquivir (5:37)
[6] Malagueña (3:53)
[7] Ante el Escorial (5:17)
[8] Vals apasionado (3:02)
[9] Vals romántico (6:04)
[10] Canción de luna (2:39)
[11] Siempre en mi corazón (4:07)
[12] No lo dudes (Ernestina Lecuona) (2:34)

[13] Cierra, cierra los ojos (Ernestina Lecuona) (3:00)
[14] María la O(4:44)
[15]-[20] Danzas Afro-Cubanas
[15] La conga de media noche(3:55)
[16] Danza negra(2:27)
[17] ¡Y la negra bailaba!(2:44)
[18] Danza de los ñáñigos(3:17)
[19] Danza Lucumi(2:50)
[20] La comparsa(2:15)


Read the latest reviews about the CD

As they say in the States: “If it ain’t got that swing, it don’t mean a thing”. Fortunately, in the young London-based Brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun, the Lecuonas find an ideal performer. The music’s hypnotic and sensuously seductive rhythms come as second nature to her – and are almost an invitation to dance – whilst the more pianistically challenging works find her fully equal to their considerable technical demands. Well recorded and stylishly presented (save for not mentioning session dates), this issue deserves the widest currency, and would make an ideal gift. Buy yourself one, too! ”
Douglas Cooksey, Classical Source

 Brazil-born pianist Clélia Iruzun’s playing is both sensitive and brilliant.”
Castle Classics

The pianist, Brazilian-born but London-based Clélia Iruzun, has a natural feeling for this type of music. It shouldn’t be over-sophisticated but it must be elegant and rhythmically alive. To me her playing sounds utterly idiomatic. All in all a disc that I have already played for pleasure several times and intend to return to every so often when in Lecuonan mood.”
Goran Forsling, Musicweb

“Colours, strong rhythms and fire characterize the performances by Clélia Iruzun. Very and very interesting this new CD, on the Lorelt label, of the music by Ernesto Lecuona, a landmark, without any doubt, in the gallery of Hispano-American composers.”
Carlos Dantas, Tribuna da Imprensa, August 2001

“Probably the most influential musician in the musical life of Cuba in the first half of the 20th century, Ernesto Lecuona, nicknamed the ‘Cuban Gershwin’ is a singular composer. The pianist Clélia Iruzun, ‘carioca’ resident in London for many years offers on this CD a selection of extreme good taste and representative works, also including two works by Lecuona’s sister, Ernestina. Her performances are impeccable and of the highest standard.”
Revista Concerto, September 2005

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