Francisco Mignone: Piano Music

Released 2007


Total CD Time: 76 minutes

[1] Congada(3:08)
[2]-[7] Seis Prelúdios
[2] I-Andantino(1:31)
[3] II-Allegro(0:55)
[4] III-Allegro(1:03)
[5] IV-Calmo e sereno(2:02)
[6] V-Moderato(2:48)
[7] VI-Caiçaras: Solenne(2:59)
[8] Valsa de Esquina No.8(2:38)
[9] Valsa de Esquina No.12(4:19)
[10] Lenda Sertaneja No.2(6:20)
[11] Serenata Humoristica(2:10)
[12] Dança do Botocudo(3:04)
[13] No Fundo do meu Quintal(1:32)
[14] Quando eu era pequenino(1:53)
[15]-[19] Cinco peças para piano(dedicadas a Clélia Iruzun)
[15] I- A orfãzinha(2:29)
[16] II-Formiguinhas trabalhando(0:54)
[17] III-A rã e o sapo(1:49)

[18] IV-Hoje não tem aula(1:11)
[19] V-O gato e o rato(0:46)
[20] Valsa-Choro No.11(1:17)
[21] Valsa-Choro No.12(2:29)
[22]-{23] Sonatina No.4
[22] I-Allegretto non troppo(3:44)
[23] II-Allegro con umore(2:00)
[24]-[29] Estudos Transcedentais
[24] I-Velho Tema(2:04)
[25] II-A morte de Anhanguera(2:58)
[26] III-A voz da floresta(3:04)
[27] IV-No Coqueiral(2:25)
[28] V-A menina dos cabelos cor de graúna(2:03)
[29] VI-Saci(1:14)
[30] Valsa Brasileira No.3(3:01)
[31] Valsa Brasileira No.24(2:28)
[32] Cateretê(2:10)
[33] Cucumbizinho(1:55)


Read the latest reviews about the CD

“The result is a fine legacy, beautifully showcased here by Iruzun”.
Gramophone, November 2007.

“Mignone’s mark on the wider world, such as it is, comes from orchestral works, but the piano music here is a revelation…All this is confidently encompassed by Iruzun with terrific energy and verve.”
4* review by Robert Maycock, BBC Music Magazine, September 2007.

Iruzun distributes the Brazilian composer’s confections with effervescent profusion.”
Classic FM Magazine, September 2007.

“An artist of ample resources and outstanding sensibility…With her accomplished technical and expressive command Clélia brings out innocence and clarity to the Waltzes.”
Clovis Marques, Opinião e Notícia, Brazil, 16/7/2007.

“Throughout the CD Clélia Iruzun emerges as the brilliant pianist that she is.”
Luis Paulo Horta, O GLOBO, Brazil, 16/7/2007.

“It is easy to wander between the classical and popular and not please any of the audiences. The difficulty is to conquer both, as Clélia Iruzun does here in the 33 tracks of the CD Francisco Mignone- Piano Music.”
Eduardo Fradkin, O Globo, Brazil, February 2008.

“The works of Francisco Mignone were new to me, and making their acquaintance has been most enjoyable. They receive wholly committed performances from Clelia Iruzun…the most effective, to my ears, are the waltzes, beautifully engaging and melodious music.”
International Record Review, October 2007.

Clélia is an excellent pianist…Her hallmark is the natural phrasing and good taste”
Fabio Costa, CARTA CAPITAL, Brazil, September 2007

“Clélia Iruzun has a deep understanding of Mignone’s unique and sophisticated Afro-Brazilian style and these interpretations sit perfectly next to the composer’s own … It holds our attention as the composer weaves his magic, into which this wonderful pianist is so perfectly in tune.”
Ray Picot, ILAMS Magazine, September 2007

“Clélia’s artistic development has already placed her in the constellation of the world’s most interesting pianists. It is worth mentioning her dedication to the works of the great composer Francisco Mignone, who since listening to her became a special mentor and dedicated a Suite to her…In this CD Clelia play all the works admirably, really outstandingly!”
Carlos Dantas, Tribuna da Imprensa, Brazil, October 2007.

“It was curious comparing Clelia’s fortissimos at Dança do Botocudo (track 12) with the same fortissimos of Martha Argerich in another CD…
That is why the doors of the great concert halls in Canada, United States, Spain are always open to the passion of the vibrant phrasing and respect to the solemn pianissimos…”
Diário de Cuiabá, Brazil, August 2007

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